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News Release | Environment America

Environment America submitted a letter to the Senate and House Armed Services Committees today, calling on Congress to pass legislation to phase out military firefighting foams that contain toxic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) within three years.

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It's like watching a bad horror movie: You know something awful is about to happen, and the only questions are when, where and how bad it will be.

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America's colleges and universities are riding the crest of the renewable energy wave.

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North Atlantic right whales and other marine wildlife are safe, at least for now, from a Trump administration plan to expand offshore drilling.

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As we work to tackle plastic pollution here in Montana, our national network's campaign to put wildlife over waste has made major headway in four states.


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Have you ever thought about going solar at your home or business? Environment Montana has partnered with EnergySage to make finding your local solar options easy. Find out more.