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Get the Lead Out

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Montana gets a failing grade for efforts to address lead in school drinking water

The second edition of Environment Montana Research and Policy Center’s Get the Lead Out study gave Montana a failing grade today for its inaction in addressing lead contamination in school drinking water. 

Skye Borden talks lead in Western waters


Montana towns have a new opportunity to protect their schoolchildren from the hazards of lead in drinking water.

There's Something in the Water

By | Skye Borden
State Director

It’s National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, so let’s take a minute to address one pervasive pathway to lead exposure that everyone in Montana should be talking about: our drinking water.

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Statement: Lead is a Serious, Pervasive Threat in Montana

The discovery of dangerously high lead levels in drinking water on the UM campus reaffirms what we already know: lead contamination is a serious, pervasive threat in Montana. 


EPA to Help Schools Test Drinking Water for Lead

The Environmental Protection Agency is making $20 million available for states and tribes to voluntarily test drinking water for lead at schools and childcare facilities.


Most schools don't test water for lead, national report finds. Few Montana schools are required to.

A survey of school districts around the country finds that less than half test their water for lead, and among those that do more than a third detected elevated levels of the toxin, according to a federal report released Tuesday. That number could be even lower in Montana. 

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Nationwide Lead Contamination is Worse Than Previously Thought

Lead contamination in our schools is more pervasive than previously thought, according to water testing data in Montana and from 19 other states published by Environment America and U.S. PIRG today in an interactive map

Report | Environment Montana Research & Policy Center

Get the Lead Out

School records reveal widespread lead contamination in Montana's public schools. 

News Release | Environment Montana Research & Policy Center

New Report Finds Widespread Lead Contamination in Montana's Schools

A majority of Montana schools that test have found unsafe levels of lead in drinking water, according to new report by Environment Montana Research & Policy Center.