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New EPA plan would drastically roll back clean water protections

The administration's proposed rule would put our rivers and our drinking water at risk of pollution. It defies common sense, sound science and the will of the Montanans


EPA to Help Schools Test Drinking Water for Lead

The Environmental Protection Agency is making $20 million available for states and tribes to voluntarily test drinking water for lead at schools and childcare facilities.

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Montana Businesses Join Effort to Defend the Clean Water Rule in Court

Businesses from Montana and 29 other states urged a federal court in North Dakota to uphold the Clean Water Rule, in an amicus brief filed by Environment America Research & Policy Center and the National Environmental Law Center.  


Sugar Beets' Environmental Toll Isn't That Sweet

Three Western Sugar Cooperative facilities landed among the top 20 polluters in a recent report released by two environmental groups.


Old Fashioned Polluters Still A Threat to Montana Rivers

Unfortunately, new data shows that industrial polluters are still dumping chemicals into Montana waterways, and no one is holding them accountable. 

Montanans deserve clean water

By | Skye Borden
State Director

Environment Montana has worked for years to protect the Yellowstone and other Montana waterways. Unfortunately, new data shows that industrial polluters are still dumping chemicals into Montana waters. 


Billings sugar cooperative released too much waste into the Yellowstone River 56 times, report says

A report issued Thursday by environmental watchdog groups says that Western Sugar Cooperative in Billings exceeded its permitted limit for releases into the Yellowstone River 56 times during a 21-month period.


Rosebud Coal Mine Exceeded Pollution Permit by 19,500 Percent

A report by Environment Montana states that in one instance, Western Energy's Rosebud Coal Mine in eastern Montana exceeded the allowed amount of pollution into area waterways by up to 19,500 percent.

News Release | Environment Montana Research & Policy

Polluters Dumping into Montana Waterways

Industrial facilities dumped excessive pollution into Montana’s waterways 62 times over 21 months, according to a new report by Environment Montana Research & Policy Center.  The facilities rarely faced penalties for this pollution. 


Environment Montana claims chemicals dumped into Yellowstone River

Montana businesses are getting away with dumping chemicals into the Yellowstone River, a conservation group says in a new report.