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California’s renewable vow: 100% clean electricity by 2045

After a landmark vote by its state Assembly, California is poised to join Hawaii and become the second state committed to generating 100 percent of its electricity from renewable and zero-carbon sources. If the state Senate votes in favor of the current version of Senate Bill 100, which has only minor changes to a bill the Senate already passed, and then Gov. Jerry Brown signs it, California will commit to a clear target of 100 percent clean electricity by 2045.  

News Release | Environment America

Plastic pollution: One day, three solutions

One day, three decisions -- all of which may have far-reaching effects on plastic pollution in the United States.

News Release | Environment Montana

Environmental groups lament feds’ decision to repeal Clean Car Standards

Environment Montana joined with the Sierra Club and Mom's Clean Air Force to criticize the Trump administration's move to roll back clean car standards. 

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Montana Businesses Join Effort to Defend the Clean Water Rule in Court

Businesses from Montana and 29 other states urged a federal court in North Dakota to uphold the Clean Water Rule, in an amicus brief filed by Environment America Research & Policy Center and the National Environmental Law Center.  

News Release | Environment Montana Research & Policy Center

Despite recent progress, Montana lags behind on renewable energy

Montana is falling behind the rest of the nation on clean energy, according to a new report released today by Environment Montana Research & Policy Center.