News Release | Environment Montana

America’s Biggest Untapped Energy Source Key to Cutting Global Warming Emissions

A comprehensive plan to make our nation’s buildings more efficient by 2030 could save enough energy to power all of our nation’s cars, homes and businesses for a year and a half while saving Americans more than $500 billion, according to a new report by our national federation, Environment America.  By renovating old buildings and ensuring that new ones use 50 percent less energy within ten years and generate as much energy as they use by 2030, we can cut U.S. global warming emissions by at least 34 percent by 2050.

News Release | Environment Montana

Bush-era Forest Service Influence Still Quietly Paving Paradise

A new report by our national federation, Environment America, reveals that nearly 90,000 acres of undeveloped national forest areas across the country that support clean water and critical wildlife have scheduled logging projects moving forward.  Forests in Oregon, Alaska, Idaho and Colorado are among those scheduled for commercial logging starting this spring right under the nose of the new administration.