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Statement: Senate vote heralds cleaner future, safer climate

WASHINGTON – Midway through a summer full of brutally hot weather, flash floods and worsening drought, the U.S. Senate passed the largest-ever package of climate and clean energy investments. The Inflation Reduction Act includes roughly $369 billion in climate spending, designed to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030 and put the United States’ Paris Climate Accord goals within reach. The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on Friday, August 12.

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Statement: Inflation Reduction Act could be a ‘game changer’ for climate and clean energy

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia have reached a deal on a reconciliation bill that would represent the nation’s largest ever investment in clean energy and climate solutions.

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Statement: U.S. Postal Service more than doubles its electric vehicle commitment

The U.S. Postal Service announced on Wednesday that it would purchase at least 25,000 electric vehicles as part of its plan to replace an aging fleet, more than doubling its previous commitment. The announcement comes after the agency’s initial plan to “modernize” its fleet would have electrified only 10% of its vehicles, prompting calls for the agency to revisit its decision and a lawsuit filed by 16 states. The new commitments means at least 50% of the agency’s first 50,000 vehicle purchases will be electric.

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Biden promises action on climate change during event at former coal plant

President Joe Biden took his campaign to slow down climate change and speed up our transition to clean energy to the site of the former Brayton Point coal-fired power plant on Wednesday. Brayton Point is now becoming a hub for the development and production of offshore wind technology. During the visit, he announced a new program to develop offshore wind power in the Gulf of Mexico for the first time and indicated that his administration would propose additional executive actions to tackle climate change in the coming days. 

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Report: More than 95,000 acres in Kootenai National Forest are on the chopping block

Federal agencies are targeting mature and old-growth forests for logging despite these trees’ extraordinary ability to curb climate change and President Joe Biden’s directive to preserve them, according to a new report spotlighting the 10 worst logging projects in federal forests across the country. One of the projects highlighted in Montana, the “Black Ram Project” in the Kootenai National Forest threatens old-growth forests and endangered species in Yaak River Valley. The area contains Western larch estimated to be 600 years old.