Alliance Launched To Save Bees

Sixty-five chefs, restaurant owners and other culinary leaders joined us to launch the Bee Friendly Food Alliance. Through the Alliance, chefs and restaurateurs are calling attention to the importance of bees to our food supply, the dramatic die-off of bee populations, and the need to protect our pollinators. LEARN MORE.

Report | Environment America

Quietly Paving Paradise: How Bush Policies Still Threaten America's National Forests

America’s roadless national forests are treasured pieces of our common landscape and heritage. Pristine forests have provided generation after generation of Americans with clean air and water, and opportunities to experience the beauty of the great outdoors. Furthermore, these forests represent some of the last suitable habitat for many species of wildlife. In 2001, the Roadless Area Conservation Rule offered protections for 58.5 million acres of our intact national forests against the threat of road building associated with logging, mining, and drilling.

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News Release | Environment Montana

Bush-era Forest Service Influence Still Quietly Paving Paradise

A new report by our national federation, Environment America, reveals that nearly 90,000 acres of undeveloped national forest areas across the country that support clean water and critical wildlife have scheduled logging projects moving forward.  Forests in Oregon, Alaska, Idaho and Colorado are among those scheduled for commercial logging starting this spring right under the nose of the new administration.  

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