The wild memories our children won't have


It’s becoming less likely that future generations will experience the adrenaline rush and sheer wonder that come only from encountering wildlife in the wild.

That's why, in a Sept. 5 post on Medium, Environment Montana State Director Skye Borden wrote in opposition to the Trump administration’s moves to weaken the Endangered Species Act. The administration would, for example, give scientists less say and make it harder for them to protect habitat for imperiled fish and other wildlife.

“I believe that sacrificing ... our wildlife is no longer (if it ever was) the price we must pay for progress,” Borden wrote. “We can power our homes and protect our last, best places at the same time.”

Skye's blog called for a readjustment of priorities, to “choose the timeless beauty and wonder of our wild spaces over the fleeting profit of the oil and gas we can extract from them.”

Read the post here. 

Photo: A wolf, currently under the protection of the Endangered Species Act. Credit: Mike van Dalen via Flickr (CC BY 2.0).