Among the many reasons why producing and consuming energy in ways that damage our health and environment no longer makes sense in today's world is this: We're actually wasting most of the energy we produce.

Environment Montana State Director Skye Borden pointed out in a blog published Oct. 10 the many ways we can stop wasting energy, and reap the double reward of saving money and our planet.

“We can have healthier communities today and a livable future for generations to come—but to get there, we must change the way we produce and consume our energy,” wrote Skye. “We must take major steps to conserve energy and eliminate energy waste.”

While Skye called for governments and institutions to lead the effort with up-to-date policy tools, she offered tips we can take as individuals to use less energy, stop energy leaks, and keep technologies updated.


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Photo: Environment Montana State Director Skye Borden. Credit: Small Axe Photography